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Message from the Conference Organising Committee

Following the success of the 2015 National Suicide Prevention Conference in Hobart, we're getting lots of queries about the location for 2016. Subscribe to our e-Newsletter so you don't miss the big announcement.

Then mark your calendar and plan to join your colleagues for the premier, multidisciplinary, educational event in the suicide prevention sector: 2016 National Suicide Prevention Conference.

The National Suicide Prevention Conference provides a platform for the exchange of ideas to help achieve our agenda of halving suicides in Australia over the next ten years.

Associate Professor Myf Maple
Chair, Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committee

Pat Dudgeon
Mic Eales
Georgie Harman
Martin Harris
Ms Jacinta Hawgood
Myf Maple (Chair)
Sue Murray
Jo Riley
Jo Robinson
Matthew Rowell
Alan Woodward

LiFE Award Judges

Kim Borrowdale
Darragh Brennan (Solaris Paper Pty Ltd)
Beth Derbyshire-Sloan
Pastor Julie Grieg
Georgie Harman (beyondblue)
Claire Morgan (Edelman PR)
Sue Murray
Jo Robinson (Orygen)
Daniel Suggit (NACCHO)
Matthew Tukaki (Chair)

About the Conference

"Is evidence only that which is labelled academically robust? What about what works or doesn't in community programs? The voices of lived experience? Is it time to re-evaluate our definitions of good and poor evidence when it comes to suicide prevention?"

Sue Murray, CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia invites rigorous debate on the theme Changing Systems, Changing Lives - The Intersection of Research, Policy, Practice and Lived Experience at the 2015 National Suicide Prevention Conference, being held in Hobart from 26 to 29 July 2015.

Suicide Prevention Australia Chairman Murray Bleach says of conference plans, "We are very excited to host the conference in Tasmania this year following an excellent 2014 conference supported by our friends in Perth. This is not only a chance to get together and challenge each other on what works and what doesn't in suicide prevention, but a fantastic opportunity for delegates to see one of the most beautiful parts of our nation."

Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) presents the annual National Suicide Prevention Conference to benefit those who are working in, and supported by, suicide prevention programs. Attracting more than 300 delegates, the conference is recognised by governments, sector leaders and people with lived experience as an important vehicle for ensuring that those with responsibility for delivering services, are able to provide the best available support to those who are vulnerable, at-risk and/or disenfranchised in a timely and effective manner.

What delegates told us about the 2014 conference

"A very good conference with the voice of consumers alongside providers, researchers, etc. giving a rounded approach. Lots of good information and networking opportunities"

"An engaging conference with an excellent mix of research, intervention, lived experience and relevant information."

"It was a very emotional experience with a great deal of information that I wasn't aware of before this conference. I was motivated to discuss suicide within the groups I know in a more honest and informed way."

"It was a great conference – quality program, well organised, good networking opportunities and thought provoking/constructive discussions".

Aims of the Conference

  • Increase sector commitment to participate in a collaborative approach to suicide prevention
  • Enhance community participation in suicide prevention activities
  • Facilitate the continuation and development of quality suicide prevention initiatives

Key Elements of the Conference

  • Plenary sessions showcasing the best work from around the globe and in Australia. Each plenary will have well-defined topics and presenters with relevant knowledge and experience.
  • Recognising the importance of the voice of lived experience, the Program will have strong representation from people with a lived experience of suicide.
  • Abstract presentations highlighting the intersection of Research, Policy, Practice and Lived Experience.
  • LiFE Awards presentation at the conference Welcome Reception.
  • Pre-conference and post conference workshops
  • Members & Delegates forum

Who will Attend?

The demographic of the delegates will be broad and extend to all facets of the suicide prevention and mental health sectors.

Allied Health Professionals
Community representatives
Educations Institutions
Emergency Service/Defence/Police/Volunteer personnel
General Practitioners
Health Professionals

Non-Government Organisations
Policy Makers
Private Health Services
Private Practitioners
Public Health Services
Social Workers
Workers in the Provision of Rural Mental Health Services
People with Lived Experience of Suicide*

*Suicide Prevention Australia defines a lived experience of suicide as having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for someone who has attempted suicide, been bereaved by suicide, or having been touched by suicide in another way.